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"Hi Nancy,

I just have to tell you what's happening with my kitchen remodel.  It's
not quite done yet, so I'm holding off on photos to send you, but all
that's really left to do is the trim work.  Anyhow, here's the part I
wanted you to know.

People have been popping in and out to see the progress, and while they
say the kitchen is beautiful, all they REALLY comment on are the Crane
tiles. They are loved by all who have seen them so far, and one contractor
from another job came in here and told me that one day I'm going to wake
up and find my birds gone.  LOL  Now, if that isn't the highest form of
praise, I don't know what is.  My own contractor keeps talking about how
nice they are, and how they soften the look of the stark black and white.

Thank you so much for helping me to create a real home out of the chaos
left by Hurricane Wilma.

Please feel free to add any or all of this email to your guest book if you
like.  I want the world to know how beautiful your work is, and how great
you guys are to work with.  I'll have those photos for you just as soon as
we get everything done."

Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, U.S.A.

"I just wanted you to know how excited I was in receiving my tiles. They are so beautiful. I canít wait to order the next tiles. I sat down last night and tried to come up with a plan on how I wanted to lay them out. They are very unique tiles. I love raku. I took a pottery class lastyear and the last project we did was to make a bowl and use the raku process. We each drank a little wine in our bowls and celebrated the last night of pottery lessons. It was a lot of fun!"


"Of all your tiles I think my favorite is the ginko leaves. Do you read poetry? It takes a certain spirit, I think, to be able to create such beauty freely."

Peggy Hall
Durham, N.C.

"We should be sending you a few pictures soon. Your tiles do so much for our kitchen and fireplace! Each one of them is just beautiful! Canít say enough about them!"

Jackson, New Jersey

"Iím so excited to get the hummingbird tile. We are remodeling our kitchen and Iím thinking of using some of them in there, but wanted to see one in person before I order more. They look beautiful!"

Cindy C.

"The tiles arrived! I love them! I hadnít picked up from the illustrations that they are 3-D. What a bonus! They are going to look just right in my kitchen. Thanks for such beautiful tiles!!"

E. Howard
New Jersey

"The tiles are simply gorgeous. I did not realize they would have so much relief, they look flatter in the picture. I think my favorite is the mooseÖthe antlers are amazing. Thank you for doing such wonderful work. I look forward to finding field tile and designing my wood stove wall."


"The tiles arrived safe, great packing job!!! You are amazing Nancy, They are awesome. We are building them into our backsplash at our cottage situated on the most beautiful island in the world. These will accent our counter top and surrounding area perfectly. You should be so proud of your work, truly beautiful one of a kind incredible art. I wish we could thank you personally. Please accept our long distance Hug and regards."

Greg and Brenda Roy


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