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While we welcome all of your questions and comments, for your own convenience, you may want to check our list of frequently asked questions below before contacting us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Earth Images tiles be used in back splashes behind sinks in the kitchen or bathroom?

A: Yes, they are designed with that use in mind and are regularly used for that purpose. They are also used as accents in fireplaces.  They can get wet but should not be regularly saturated
with water as inside a swimming pool or shower.  The raku process causes the tiles to be more porous and over a long period of time there could be moisture absorption into the wall if they were regularly saturated.  (However, I can report that individuals have done so anyway and I have never heard of any problems over the last ten years.  They simply water sealed them with Thompson's
Water Seal before installation.)

Q: What can I use to clean the tiles as they could get food splashed on them etc?

A: You can use any regular mild cleanser including Ajax. The only cleanser I would NOT recommend is Zud
as it seems to have a chemical that interacts with the brilliance of the copper accents.

Q: Can the tiles be used outdoors?

A: Raku tiles can be hung outdoors but should be brought back inside during seasons with freezing temperatures.

Q: Can the tiles be hung ?

A: Each tile has a depression on the back so that it can be hung by a nail. Some people also add a little piece of sticky velcro on the bottom corners for added security.

Q: Do you sell field tile to install between the accent tiles?

A: I occasionally fire field tiles for small orders but most people find that a high quality commercial tile is much more affordable and works just as well. When looking for a field tile, it is not necessary to find an exact match as a complimentary tile works just as well. The tiles that have a textured look with beige flex seem to work well. You can also combine different tile sizes as a good installer can just "cut in" the accents wherever you want them. Some have asked if I recommend a specific tile. I recommend you experiment with your own instincts and if you get stuck, feel free to email me for suggestions. Dal Tile has some great ones to start with. Dal Tile is a brand name. Tumbled marble looks great too.

Q: Can you make a custom mirror with the tiles of my choice?

A: Yes. Just email us at and we can arrange that.



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