Frogs and Other Soul Friends
Reflections from the Forest

By Nancy R. Cannon

With over thirty rich and thoughtful reflections from the forest, Nancy Cannon invites the reader into an intimate encounter with frogs and fox, dragonflies and deer, birds and bugs. These are her beloved "neighbors" who, with the human ones, form one earth community. Whether from the "frog contemplatives," the "chip-monks," or the "deer-mentors," this book reveals the extraordinary wisdom that awaits those who draw near to the creatures and learn from their ways.


"This is a delightful book written from the heart and the heartland, an authentic 'Song of Creation' that rings true. If you've ever wondered about baby owls that snore, lessons on meditation that 'chip-monks' teach us, being still and being planted and never being bored, what mothers and robins share in common, how birds are athletes and frogs and deer and lady bugs are mentors, read and pray this book! It teaches what riches our earth relationships bestow on us if we have the courage and time to listen deeply."

-The Rev. Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing and Passion for Creation

"There are so many roads to contemplation. And this is one of the best. We Franciscans always believed that nature itself was God's first and foundational Bible. Well, read it here with Nancy Cannon's fine book!"

-Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., author of Everything Belongs and Immortal Diamond

"Dragonflies, beetles, frogs and snakes- Nancy Cannon's reflections give life and voice to the natural wonders of Michigan outback. These charming and sensitive stories engage the reader in understanding the interdependence of all things and the sacred and precious role of the natural world in maintaining the balance of creation."

-The Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham, author of Love God, Heal Earth


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