Nancy Cannon

Nancy Cannon's work reflects a life long love affair with the earth. Having spent her early childhood torn between playing in the woods and devouring a new box of crayons, she has now resolved this conflict by making clay creations in her studio near Lake Huron. There she lives with her husband and sons on eight wooded acres that supply endless inspiration.

"I am never more at home than when I am walking through the woods. It is there that I return to the deepest sense of myself, an awareness that I am part of a greater unity and divine mystery."

The earth is not only the object of her passion, but the medium through which it is expressed. To create the finished product, Nancy interacts with all the elements: earth, air, water and fire. After an initial firing, she fires each piece again using the Raku method. "I am especially drawn to the spontaneous and random effect of this method. It enables me to remain close to the process and at the same time requires me to surrender to the unexpected and unpredictable."

Having studied ceramics at the college level, Nancy later spent many years training at the historic Pewabic Pottery in Detroit. There she received extensive exposure to the world famous glazes and firing techniques that have deeply influenced her work.

The creatures reflected in her handmade tiles are in great need of our protection as their very existence is being threatened. Toward that end, a portion of all her profits goes to support "earth friendly" organizations.